Beyond the catchy title: I'm a human. I love storytelling and listening to stories. When I'm not searching out new coffee shops, I like to take analog photos. I'm also--annoyingly--a pen snob. When I'm ticked off, I curse in Klingon (come find me on a Friday and I'll teach you few epiteths). Someday I want to win Tetris Grandmaster at the NES Tetris World Championships. Yes, I still have my NES game console. My skate name is GrrlGonzo.

I don't like saying I'm a master. I prefer to stay a learner. But I have studied post-production for video, particularly the edit. I assemble and lead teams. As an entrepreneur I constantly learn about business management, development and marketing. I am also good at gluten-free baking.

Making connections with new and interesting people. Is that you? Message me and we'll grab a coffee!

"You can do this." - Jeff Bartsch, teacher at the Power Edit Academy in Burbank, CA.

I love Benjamin Franklin for his pursuit of things that benefited other people. From creating printed content to inventing a type of street lamp, to his political activity and diplomacy, he sought the good of others. I also love Jim Henson, for making people laugh and proving to the world that you can be odd and a character and still make it.

Project and life organization.

Pursuing a professional aggressive-quad skating career.

Pretty much anything I've read or watched. I tend to have a photographic memory.

I would teach them to dance.