Rachel, Founder at Kind P.O.D.S., Endoscopist, Target Enthusiast, UK Basketball Fan, Podcast Listener, Community Organizer, Traveler, Mother of 3 Kids 3 years old and under (which explains a lot). After bouncing back to NC from Chicago, a passion took a new direction. Rachel has always appreciated inclusion, diversity, and living mindfully. But, the idea for the P.O.D.S. came from watching her toddlers' enthusiasm when given the chance to donate toys to a local organization. She realized other families would enjoy bonding while helping others as much as hers does (as long as there are snacks involved, and we can use THIS purple crayon, not the one you have!!!!).



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Michelle Obama- too many reasons to count!

I can tidy up in a flash!

speech-language pathology

to not take myself too seriously

how to make a TASTY kale salad

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