I'm all about connecting people and products through animation, intentional design, and user-driven functionality. That's marketingese for "I'm a motion graphics artist, UI designer/developer, and art director." People are out there doing cool stuff. I want to help them showcase that cool stuff to cool customers.

the shallowest 20% of a great many topics.

the other 80%. Just kidding. Kind of.

People respect who you are more than the person you pretend to be.

Regarding design, I'm a big fan of Tinker Hatfield. He didn't shun helping hands when he was searching for his place, and he embraced his natural talent and flourished without formal training or apologies for his unique vision.

I'm a chameleon. I can blend in to almost any situation or discussion, which is a superpower when you're 6'4".

Soccer goalie. I never played soccer, but I imagine I'd be amazing at goalkeeping.

How to draw the K-State Powercat logo.

How to say "I don't speak [insert language here]" in Czech, Italian, German, Spanish, and French. Comes in handy, believe me.


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