Hello! Sarah here. I'm right-brained, the owner of far too many art journals, and a huge fan of dance because of the power it has to tell a compelling story through human movement. I've enjoyed professional growth in both corporate and non-profit settings, and within the field of education. I'm a design-thinking arts, ideas, & language professional with 11 years of experience in copywriting, strategic content initiative, product innovation, brand development, ideation, & visual narrative. Mix between introvert & extrovert /// INFJ - ENFJ. Active mind that never quits ideating. Worst karaoke voice you'll ever hear. Lover of people, words, plants, art, conceptual thinking, storytelling, live music, llamas, & travel.

Creative Writing, Editing, Product Innovation, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Brainstorm & Ideation Techniques, Consumer Behavior Research, Photographic Styling, Brand Voice Development, Vintage Thrift-Finding, Merging Onto Highways, & How To Enjoy Waffles.

Taxes. Always.

Choose JOY and remain grateful.

Oy. Hard question. Too many people. I admire many elements of the various people I know personally and those whom I've not met but appreciate from a distance.

Empathy. I can sense/feel everything in my surrounding environment and can pick up on slight nuances in the emotions of those around me. I have a deep respect for the art of truly understanding people and my goal is to support, encourage, & celebrate others from a place of authenticity.

Mediocre Ballerina. Or maybe a National Parks Tour Guide. Perhaps I'd combine the two and give tours whilst leaping around in a tutu. I could call myself a TuTu-our Guide!! ...(Too much?) ;)

The Oxford Comma. My mama's smile. How to put on pants. :))

Something meaningful in the category of artful mindsets & human kindness. And if there was any time left, a quick little lesson on the method in which to give an effective high-five.

The Carlton, Napoleon Dynamite, or that adorable hedgehog in the bathtub who is happily floating around in circles. That little guy makes me so dang happy.

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