I'm the Co-Founder of Seacoast Expressive Arts as well as a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist with a private practice in Portsmouth, NH. I have delighted in creativity from a young age, starting at age 5 as a competitive Scottish Highland dancer and following a thread that has led me through music, theater, film, writing, and visual arts. I am ever grateful to the field of expressive arts and all the founders and pioneers that paved the way for me to hold space for the creativity of others.

Inspired by the Ghanaian proverb: “It takes three stones to make the cooking pot boil”, I simultaneously tend to three foundational offerings: to heal, to play and to teach. My three stones can be found in my small private practice in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and in the offerings of Seacoast Expressive Arts.

Seacoast Expressive Arts grew up out of a deep and long-standing collaboration between myself and my dear friend and colleague, Ellen Hirshberg. We met as two isolated expressive arts therapists, began playing together, and then decided to invite others in! Now we are committed to building a creative community: through play and teaching of the expressive arts.

Warming people up to their own creativity

Everything! I love collaboration - two is always better than one!

Do what delights you in every moment without any expectation of the outcome

Children. They have the freshest perspective, ask the best questions, and know how to play

It's secret so.... I can't tell you?

A singing telegram performer

If I have to use effort to remember what it is I remember... does it still count?

how to draw with your eyes closed

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