I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. There I started doing contemporary dance and improvisation at the age of 17. Since then, I have been performing and facilitating different (experimental) dance performances and art labs. I moved to Denmark in 2010 and started studying psychomotricity in 2012. In 2014 I started to teach among others contact improvisation, physical training and body/self awareness, often in the frames of non-formal education and intercultural learning. I have also experience in working with target groups such as children and pregnant women. In 2014 I also started giving individual sessions consisting of a combination of manual therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic talk and physical training. Furthermore, in 2014 I co-organized election observations in Hungary; I co-organized the Reverse International Poetry Festival in Copenhagen and I co-organized an EU (Erasmus +) training course in Yerevan, Armenia. I have been writing art reviews since 2012. I was an exchange student in psychomotricity in Montevideo,Uruguay for a semester in 2016.

psychotherapy, physiotherapy (physical training, manual therapy and ergonomics), art analysis, applied queer and feminist theories

legal stuff, PR, photography, advanced technical-IT stuff

Respect the time things take (including your own processes) // Your well-being should not depend on external factors

my sarcastic humour. exotic languages like hungarian and danish.

a masseuse

my friends and clients often comment on how much I remember of what they told me long time ago. so I guess I can remember personal stories. I can generally also well remember theorist and concepts connected to my profession. I can remember the anatomy/physiology that is most commonly applied in physical training. I remember stages of history of art and the characteristics of each.

Depending on their previous skills: 1) the power of eye-gazing without talking 2)how to switch between different awareness zones (Gestalt)


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