Queens-bred & Brooklyn-based Comic Illustrator and Graphic Designer. Sketch Hard!...or Get Rubbed Out!!

Seeing the world, really. There's more out there than just the U.S. of A. More artists, too. :)

Keep on truckin. -My dad.

Artists, illustrators, and overall people who have made (and are making) something of themselves. They work hard to get where they are now, and are still working at it; be it art or fashion, or whatever else their forté happens to be. It's what they know and do best. And they never gave up. That's what I admire the most about them, and what I inspire to be.

Well if told you, then it wouldn't be much of a secret. :)

I suppose it would have to be music. Seems like a good outlet.

Good question. I got a huge list. Where do you want me to begin? lol

Depends on what they wanna know...

lol Aw, man. There's too many out there. :D