Multi-faceted, experience designer + strategist - Seeking collaboration and good coffee. (Available for hire)

A critical thinker straddling her futuristic tendencies and attention to detail - I am passionate about designing and building thoughtful experiences, communities and environments, both online and off. I live for the moment when an idea is transformed from words into physical space, moving people to action. It’s all about movement and movements.

Work for people, not for design/tech/brands/etc. Work for the person on the other side of what we create.

surviving on coffee and pizza - and killer presentation decks.

donut baker and outdoor adventurer - both get me away from a computer screen.

Where home is. (After having moved over 20+ times in the past 8 years... it's wherever I make it.)

Facial stretches. You can't help but look ridiculous doing them but 5 minutes a day will keep you lookin' good for years to come!