Once upon a time a young man's parents went out to dinner in Nashville, TN. He turned on the TV and a British time traveler captured his attention with funny accents and bad special effects. He pledged to be a lifelong geek. Then, he discovered marketing and the real geekery began.

Sarcasm, Classic Doctor Who, Worthless Pop Culture, Comic Books, Strategic Marketing, Pulling Off 4th Quarter Drives, Copywriting, Practical Design, Opening Cans of Worms, Leading Teams, Fat Fu, Short Term Deadlines, Copyediting Someone Else's Work, the names of every girl my roommates dated in college

Typos ... Damn Them!, Not Saying "Dude" Every Other Word, Dancing (I'm Allergic), Knowing When to Stop Talking, Not Eating Carbs After 10 PM, Remembering Phone Numbers, Copyediting MY OWN Work, Not Geeking Out When I Find Out Someone Loves Doctor Who, Making Time to Stay Educated, An Rather Unhealthy Addiction to Supernatural, Saying "No" When I'm Already Overloaded

I'm not one for "Successories," but "Plan your work & work your plan" have saved me time & time again. Now, if I can just remember "Measure twice. Cut once" ...

Jack Kirby. The guy didn't want fame, he just wanted to sit at his drawing board and create. More than half his comics were considered failures. The other half, Stan Lee took credit for. Now, large chunks of comics, TV, movies, video games and pop culture are based on the products of his imagination. Ever heard of Captain America, the Hulk. the Avengers. the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Darkside and the New Gods? Yeah. You know you have a Captain America T-shirt in your closet. (And, you said you don't love comics.)

I can hold my breath for 14 years in a sea of estrogen. (I life with my wife, two daughters, a dog and two cats. I haven't won an argument since 2001.)

The name of any Masters of the Universe Figure. Throw in classic GI Joe for good measure.


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