Whenever something difficult comes your way, the only way to conquer it is to face it

Human rights activist and social entrepreneur Andhira Kara joined us as our speaker for last month’s talk on the topic of #CMUnderdog. Andhira spoke about how we can all play a part in being the voice of the voiceless; her personal mantra is ‘To whom much is given much is expected’. She spoke to us about her personal story growing up as the underdog: “This little girl is me, born in the Nuba mountains in Sudan. A very beautiful place, but also a place with a lot of civil conflict in the country… I couldn’t imagine that I would ever make it in life, or have something that would be successful in one way or another.” This is a powerful underdog story of overcoming extreme adversity for oneself but always “remembering to give back” and pave the way for others to reach their full potential.

About the speaker

Speaking up for the Voiceless

Andhira is a proactive and remarkable human rights activist, originally from Sudan she grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya. Because of her personal story, Andhira has always stood up for the rights of migrants and other displaced people. Andhira is currently pursuing a MSc in international Development from the University of Edinburgh.

Before joining the Msc program last year, she worked with humanitarian and social development organisations. She used her voice as a refugee youth leader to mainstream youth concerns and especially displaced youth in several platforms she had an opportunity to attend.

Andhira has been recognized by IPHRD-Africa in 2018 as young woman mediation Ambassador for her work in peace-building and youth empowerment. She was also selected as one of the most influential 20 women of 2020 at the University of Edinburgh.

Embracing the monthly theme of Underdog, Andhira will inspire us with her personal story and encourage us to appreciate what we have and how we can all play a part in being the voice of the voiceless. Andhira’s personal mantra is ‘To whom much is given much is expected’.

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