During this talk Andreea brings into our attention three main questions we need to ask ourselves before a restart

After a career of almost two decades as a journalist, Andreea decided to restart her career and go on her own. During this talk, she opened up to us and explored the global theme of Restart from her personal and professional experience. In the first part, she tackled common perceptions and misconceptions regarding restart: to find one’s path, to break any connection from the past, to disconnect, to start with a clean slate, to follow a dream, to find a new beginning and so on. In the end, she pointed out that before a restart you need to answer 3 main questions: where do you come from? who are you? and what motivates you? Stay tuned because we will have English subtitles soon.

About the speaker

Andreea is a writer, entrepreneur and a curious explorer of the entrepreneurial world. After a career of almost two decades in business media, she decided to restart her career and go on her own. She is currently the founder of the ‘the Vast & the Curious’, a series of interviews which explore strategy, principles, decisions and internal culture of the companies built by Romanian entrepreneurs. She is the co-author of the book ‘Cei care schimbă jocul’ (the Game Changers) - the first and only book about the way of thinking and decisions taken by Romanian entrepreneurs who have built remarkable companies. She organizes the program ‘Effectuation Way’ - an intensive program of gaining principles of entrepreneurial skills. Andreea is also the co-founder of the Romanian Business Leaders foundation.

‘Beyond being a personal aspiration, creativity becomes a successful professional criteria: the World Economic Forum predicts that, until 2020, creativity will be on the 3rd place in the top abilities needed to have success professionally. The other ones being the ability to resolve complex problems and critical thinking. It is an ability almost directly connected with entrepreneurship.

In over two decades of work in the creative industries, five years in entrepreneurship and hundreds of conversations and books, I have learnt that: firstly, creativity is like a muscle that needs to be trained. Secondly, creativity does not exist without vulnerability. And thirdly, any creative act must be fueled by an authentic personal need to do that something, independent from what the world says or what is considered to be wise or productive.’ (andreearosca.ro)

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