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After her studies in linguistics, in the 90s she gets involved actively in the digital revolution both in the field of commerce and education and in the new media and new cultural trends, first in her native Turin and then in her city of adoption, Palermo. Passionate about research music and experimental performing arts, she moved to Barcelona in 2005 and plunged into the world of free software, free hardware, copyleft licenses and physical computing, while developing a passion for non-conventional and radical art, for the guerrilla of communication, visionary projects and participatory actions. In 2011 she became a permanent member of the team of The Influencers (, an annual festival co-produced by the CCCB (Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona), where she worked in production and on the actions that took place in public spaces.

In 2013, she decided to make her childhood dream come true: working ethically with animals and getting engaged in research on sustainable growth. She enrolled in the master in primatology organized by the Fundació Mona ( and the University of Girona, following which, after a year as volunteer in the Fundació, she flew to Senegal where she joined a conservation project on chimpanzees in the wild.Upon her return from Africa, she joined the Fundació Mona’s head keeper team, where she currently works on the cure and rehabilitation of resident primates.

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