“If you allow yourself to leave the beaten path, weird and memorable shit will happen to you.”

Being lost is generally perceived as a bad thing when, in fact, this is precisely what you need to be looking for. That is, if you truly want to be creative.

About the speaker

Over the past twenty years, Ben Van Alboom has been working as a journalist for national media outlets like De Standaard, Knack, Humo, Vice, Klara, Radio 1 and De Morgen, for which he also served as cultural editor-in-chief. All the while, he hosted Switch on Studio Brussel, kickstarted Red Bull Elektropedia and its annual awards, ran the photo gallery A&Gallery and organised much talked about exhibitions, threw the odd party every now and then, and worked as marketing manager for Visit Flanders in New York. He is now a communication adviser for a wide variety of clients – from jazz and film festivals to energy drinks and tourist offices.

Find more about Ben: Website | @fakerholic

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