Binwe Adebayo talks about carving for space of creativity amidst the chaos

I don’t have a dream job. I’ve never had a dream job, but what “I was super clear about was I wanted to be in spaces where I could pretty much learn forever.”

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Binwe Adebayo: Editor | Strategist | Academic
 Binwe Adebayo is a black girl bomb with too many ideas, sneakers and bookmarked 2Chainz interviews.
 She is a Rhodes-educated journalist/media studies practitioner and Editor of newly-launched film and television publication, The Bar magazine. In her writing journey, she has written for City Press, House and Leisure, Bubblegum Club, The Con and AfriPop amongst others. Before leaving Johannesburg to pursue her Masters this year, she was the Creative Strategist at celebrated digital agency, Retroviral.
 Despite juggling a million jobs (and a strange dedication to Instagram stories), she is a Mellon Foundation MA Candidate in Media and Social Belonging, Senior Trend Strategist at the groundbreaking firm, Nicola Cooper & Associates, and Brand Strategist for pan-African photography hub Everyday People Stories.
 As an editor, strategist and academic, she is firmly embedded in Africa-first research and writing, cooks up creative campaigns, helps facilitate creative concepts for editorial, brands and people and makes weird fashion analogies that only Hypebeasts and trap music fans understand. Her focus is on navigating the lines between the academy, glocal trends and everyday cultural practices - by curating different creative artifacts aimed at shifting ‘conventional wisdom’ around pop culture - for Binwe, the personal and the pretty is always political. Shying away from hyper-visibility, Binwe has worked quietly behind the scenes to do work that gives her joy and has lasting appeal and impact. This earned her the moniker Binwinning - which has become a sort of alter-ego for her best and brightest self.

After dark, she dishes out nice girl clap backs on Twitter, tries to keep up her classical piano training and makes Apple Music playlists that she hopes more people will listen to.

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