We haven’t seen a great new innovation in transportation technology since the airplane, and it’s time for a new one.

Chris Bobko is the head of engineering at Hyper Loop Technology and in this talk he gives an overview of how we can bring airplane speeds to ground level, shrinking mega regions like the entire Great Lakes into a singular commuter area.

About the speaker

Chris Bobko, Ph.D., Head of Engineering Integration, oversees research, development, and engineering teams at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. After completing his doctorate at MIT, Chris was a professor at North Carolina State University, where he gained significant experimental and analytical experience in mechanics of materials for civil engineering applications. As a professor, he joined HyperloopTT as a contributor before shifting his focus full-time to bring life to this new mode of transportation. Today, Chris brings together teams and partners to develop, prototype, and implement infrastructure systems, power systems, capsule systems, propulsion and levitation systems, and systems control.

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