Speakers selected from CMbuf community pitches present lightning talks on mystery, as it relates to creativity.

First, Dana Saylor highlights her work demystifying Buffalo’s history through creative projects. Then, Steve Johnson shares how mystery can move you to creativity. And finally, Tara Sasiadek describes how wonder and mystery transport us outside of ourselves.

About the speaker

Community Takes the Stage - In celebration of the new year, we had a number of presenters this month who shared stimulating and thought-provoking “shorts” of their take on #CMmystery.

Dana Saylor is a creative placemaker, specializing in creating emotional connection to historic places of community importance. She does this through unique events, her artwork and research about places, and historic preservation advocacy. She has lived in Buffalo for eight years, and continues to be inspired and motivated by the community here.

Steve Johnson is a pastor and theologian who launched a new faith community in the neighborhood North Buffalo called Anchor Church. He is a board member of the North Buffalo Organization (NBO). Steve also works for 716 Ministries (formerly Westside Ministries), a community development organization that serves the city of Buffalo. He is contributor and blogger for various Christian websites and hopes to launch his own podcast in 2017 that will explore the connections between theology, faith, and culture called, ‘Dirty Theology.’ Steve puts Sriracha on almost everything he eats.

Tara Sasiadek is an artist, teacher, and entrepreneur who is currently working on a graphic novel collaboration, a body of complex layered paintings, and a mural project with students at Buffalo Public Schools. She also co-owns Snowy Owl Kombucha, and serves as Creative Director of Lakeward Spirits distilling. She was a founding member and president of Emerging Leaders in the Arts Buffalo, who programmed City of Night, and has a bunch of degrees because she cannot stop wanting to know more stuff. Just typing this made Tara notice that she should chill the hell out. Also her dog Tasha is the best dog in the universe.

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