Speakers selected from CMbuf community pitches present lightning talks on water, as it relates to creativity.

First, artist Jalen A. Law paints a pensive picture of the necessity for both creativity and water in our lives. Then, career coach Anthony Billoni relates the theme of water to his own life and dreams. Finally, software engineer Jameson Hampton relates the fluidity of water with the nature of an evolving gender identity.

About the speaker

Community Takes the Stage - In celebration of our third birthday, we had a number of presenters this month who shared stimulating and thought-provoking “shorts” of their take on #CMwater.

➤ Born in Buffalo, NY, Jalen A. Law’s first sketches were circles at the age of two. By the age of five, he was creating his own comic books and children stories, selling them to kids in elementary school for Lunchables and extra computer time. He is a graduate from the University of Buffalo, and for the past eight years he has been live-painting and displaying his work at international exhibitions. The theme of Jalen’s work deals with the idea of the African American experience and visually expressing the beauty as well as the pain that is a part of the experience. Currently, he is partnered with Best Self Behavioral Health for a research-based art program that teaches Buffalo Public Schools students social and emotional tools that assist them inside and outside of the classroom.

Anthony Billoni is a career coach whose passion is community change. Whether that community is family, people seeking to grow as leaders, or the voices in his own head ;-) He has been studying and practicing leadership growth and change since having found the beautiful people at the Creative Problem Solving Institute in 1995. Tony’s life has led him though rock bands, theater, designing nite clubs, cathartic events, and now helping our WNY community be rid of the scourge of tobacco. His wish is to help those he connects with believe and accept that change comes to us as often as we go to change. Either direction is of value and each make up the minutes and days of what we then call our lives. Embrace it all.

Jameson Hampton is a non-binary adventurer who wishes they were immortal so they’d have time to visit every coffee shop in the world. They’re a professional plant-liker (and also software engineer) for Agrilyst, an agtech startup that helps indoor growers manage their farms, as well as a panelist on Greater Than Code, a popular tech podcast. But technology isn’t their only passion! Jamey loves writing poetry and comics, doing magic and enjoying the great outdoors.

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