In an ever changing world full of new capabilities - design has become the key for successful transformation following core user needs and meaningful interactions. User interfaces become obsolete, cars make their own decisions, household devices communicate with one another and new working models and professions appear. This world will connect mobility with work-life balance and services with experiences. Smart cities and roads will communicate with car sharing services to present users with the ‘right car at the right moment’. Systems and services are integrated with one another and touch every part of our lives. How do we assure as designers that a solution is not strongly technical driven and does not become overloaded with features? We have to rethink the way how we solve problems by not starting with the technology at hand. The Human Centered Process gives the designer user insights and opportunities that help to ideate solutions to create meaningful solutions for a mass consumer adoption.

About the speakers:

Christina Ebert, Senior User Experience Designer Jan Gohlke, Visual Interaction Designer Vanja Misic, UX Design Researcher & Service Designer

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