Jon Busdeker

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About the speaker

Jon Busdeker is the founder of Sunny Oranges Productions, a video storytelling company based in Orlando. Busdeker is a Michigan native who moved to Florida in 2010. He is a former news reporter at the Orlando Sentinel and WESH-2. In 2017, Busdeker left the news business, but continue to stay active in the community. He helped launch a nonprofit meet-up group called The Collective, started a podcast called “Bungalower and The Bus,” founded Orlando 60, a web-based video series about Orlando, and contributed to several projects at WUCF, Central Florida’s PBS station. Busdeker is the co-author of the upcoming book, “100 Things to do in Orlando Before You Die.” Busdeker lives in College Park with his wife, LeAnn, their two dogs, Cora and Hermione and their cat, Snuggles.