CreativeMornings Timisoara at PLAI Festival

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COMMUNITY is so important to us, that we want to hear as many thoughts on it as possible and bring as many important people of it in front of you! Where better than at PLAI!

Coming together and positive dialog are exercises that we need for a healthy society and we’re inviting you to join, while relaxing at PLAI Festival 2018! The only time that CreativeMornings Timișoara will not be early at all :D

Saturday 12:00 Ovidiu Megan 12:40ish* Victor Dragoș 13:15ish* Mihaela Ciotea

17:00 Alexandra Pintea &Mona Isabela Petzek 17:40ish* Oltea Zambori 18:15ish* Manuela Oprea

Sunday 12:00 Cristina Potra-Mureșan 12:40ish* Olimpiu Porumb 13:15ish* Bogdan Danciu

17:00 Manuela Anghelescu 17:40ish* Radu Cosma 18:15ish* Deea Rădulescu

  • Please be flexible about the starting hour, as we do hope you have lots to share and talk about after each lecture.