Are you allowing space for your subconscious to help solve creative problems and incubate inspiration?

Dan Richters is like a modern-day ‘Hanz and Franz’ (“Saturday Night Live” circa 1987). He’s here to “pump you up” – only mentally not physically. You know all those times you should have been working on a project but were watching Netflix instead? Dan says you were being more productive than you think. Those days when you felt like you accomplished absolutely nothing? Dan says as long as you’re still with us, you most certainly accomplished something. The common thread here is symmetry – and an avant-garde fashion designer’s thought-provoking take on sub-conscious creativity.

About the speaker

Art is a central part of Dan Richters’ life – from painting and sculpting to drawing and music. He began focusing on fashion design and creation in 2008. His approach to fashion is sculptural, and he develops construction methods that are fluid and dimensional. His mode of design is escapism, sensationalism and fantasy. Dan has shown at LA Fashion week for the past four years and at Omaha Fashion Week since 2008. He creates and shows to share an experience and spark imaginations.

Instagram: danrichters

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I think just being alive is an accomplishment – you know what I mean? It’s super huge. And a lot of people don’t realize that because they have all this work they need to be doing and they’re not doing it and they’re feeling depressed, feeling like I can’t do anything. ‘What am I doing? I guess I’ll just do telemarketing or something.’ The thing is – just being alive at any point is a big deal. I don’t know… It’s hard to express that… it’s like do you understand this? Do you? Do you? — Dan Richters

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