David Sturt

Hosted at O.C. Tanner

part of a series on Community

About the speaker

David Sturt is an Executive Vice President of the O.C. Tanner Company. His career began in market research, where he studied and analyzed the effects of people being recognized for great work. In the two decades since, he has researched and developed several multi-million dollar services that engage employees, inspire above and beyond contribution, and reward outstanding results in organizations around the world. He regularly consults with Fortune 1000 company leaders and speaks at conferences across the U.S., Canada, and the UK. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Human Capital, and other media outlets.

Additional details

Join us this month for a special event at OC Tanner’s main offices to hear David Sturt speak on this month’s theme - COMMUNITY. David is a New York Times bestselling author and employee engagement expert, who writes about people who make a difference—what they think about, what they do, and how their leaders help them achieve extraordinary results.