Elina encourages us to rethink how power defines what is normal, and how we can all do the work for improving racial inclusion.

What does inclusion mean? Who is inclusive work for? How can we be more inclusive? Can inclusive work still keep some people out? And is there really a safe space? Drawing from her own experience with storytelling and the advertising world, Elina Lim will dive into these questions and more on how inclusion has direct impact on vulnerable communities. This talk may challenge your existing ideas, and hopefully you’ll walk away with ideas to include communities around you better in your workplace and everyday life.

About the speaker

A queer, immigrant woman from Singapore, Elina Lim started the country’s first monthly contemporary storytelling event—Story Slam Singapore—which is still running today. She also created Invisible Spectrum Stories in Portland, OR, a stage which prioritizes Black, Indigenous and People of Color storytellers. Elina originally fell in love with storytelling through The Moth, and has a background in producing and hosting live events in both Asia and Portland, Oregon.

When she’s not telling/listening/workshopping stories or making excellent dumplings, Elina is a producer at an advertising agency where she’s creating an affinity group for BIPoC co-workers. She’s also working toward passing a bill to keep sexual assault victims safer from their assaulters in Oregon.

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Death and you failing, it is part of life. So you are going to fail in this work and it is okay. Your'e gonna to pick yourself up and you're going to dust yourself off you're gonna brace yourself, breathe, and keep going. — Elina Lim

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