our tireex factor During this engaging talk, Elisav explored with our community the global theme of Roots in connection with time (the connections between the roots of our past, present and future), with the ability to improvise, to create habits, to gather information and create experiences. Elisav introduced the audience to a really interesting concept name the TIREEX (time, information, repetition, experience, emotion and the x factor) and how through this roots are created.  “with the time that we are given, use it in order to find relevant information that we can repeat in order to create experiences and emotions both for us and other people in order to further develop our X factor and create opportunities in order to apply them in real life”  Towards the end of the talk, Elisav also did an exercise of possible roots transcending time by challenging the audience to write a message from their present, the talk, for the future audience of CreativeMornings Cluj from February. And to end on a receiving and sharing note, he also offered the audience a number of books, who in their turn had to offer them to other members of the audience. "if we share with other people, we create for ourselves and others opportunities in order to share their own x factor and together we create a new x factor" 

About the speaker

From 365 Drawings a Day and 10.000 verses in a month, to 365 Hours of Magic, Elisav Bizau loves creating projects that test the limits of his creativity and dedication. Born in Baia Mare, ever since he was 17 he has been traveling around Europe teaching card magic to other magicians. He believes that people hold within them an endless capacity to create and love and that everyone, without realizing, is a magician in their day to day lives. If there’s something that Elisav loves it’s giving gifts to others by creating artistic content that is free to use and remix in any thinkable way. His motto is, “I have no idea.”, meaning that none of the ideas that he discovers are his to claim ownership of but, instead, to share with everyone.

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