Hedi started to explore this global theme from her own example on how a simple piece of paper changed her life and career, to the way society encourages us to repress our negative emotions and to acknowledging the mind as one of our most important assets. Hedi invites the audience to begin to love themselves and to understand the importance of self-cultivation. An investment in yourself is self-cultivation and this can be reached through two ways: peace of mind and listening to your intuition. Many confuse loving yourself with narcissism, which is actually a personality disorder. The invitation to love yourself implies to accept yourself (with all the good and especially bad parts), to put yourself in the first place of importance and to believe in your achievements. At the end of the event, Hedi did a really fun imagination game with the audience, when they discovered colourful balls unders their seats and threw them in the same time towards a pyramid of toilet paper - imagining that each one throws their negative thoughts/worries down the toilet. So…let’s all try to find our peace of mind and listen to our intuition.

About the speaker

Hedi Hoka, Ph.D., is psychologist, trainer, mindfulness teacher and bestseller author. Hedi believes that self-fulfillment is the foundation of mental health and well-being. Accepting our own self, might be a challenge for many of us, she said. But through awareness and conscious choices we can live a joyful life.

She has studied mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society, USA and she is certified teacher at Mindful International Academy. Hedi is also the founder of the European Academy for Mindfulness Association in Europe.

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