Himanshu Rohilla

Hosted at Minc

part of a series on Lost

About the speaker

Himanshu Rohilla is an interaction designer at Zenit Design in Malmo. In a past life, Himanshu has had a mix of short careers that involved much experimentation and art. From starting out as a software engineer to at one point dedicating himself as a business owner by day, editor and photographer by night. A cancer diagnosis gave him pause, and his time in recovery allowed Himanshu to deeply reflect on his values, where he wanted to be and the experiences that would get him there. In his talk, Himanshu will explore what it means to be lost and how to take back control. His lessons draw upon personal life experiences that continue to guide him forward. In his own words: “I do not know what I will be tomorrow. What I do know is I will still be me, a heady mix of everything that came before.”

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