Inclusive - Include with intention and embrace what is unfamiliar

Hosted at 02 Academy Lagos

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Chamberlin Ukenedo is a Nigerian mixed media artist whose last project, Beyond Oil, explored his fears and hopes for Nigeria following the oil price drop and his advocacy towards the country getting started with diversification not just for the nation, but for its citizens.

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Inclusive. People who include with intention, do the the work of embracing the unfamiliar.

Inclusion is an attitude to be consciously open to idea that are out of our established way or feeling. when you place Inclusivity in the center of your life/Work, it has a greater power to heal,raise new voices, and change the narrative of who belongs..

Verna Myers once said; Diversity is invited to the party, inclusive is invite to dance. how do you think we can encourage inclusivity in Advertising and our communities?

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