Irha Parishei

Hosted at National Incubation Center

part of a series on Community

About the speaker

Irha Parishei is a Transgender woman, who is currently pursuing an engineering degree from NUST. She hopes to break the ugly stereotypes about the trans-community and in her quest to achieve that, she has been sensitizing the public about her community, taking part in meetings with politicians, and working with NCHR Pakistan.

She has been featured on Humans of Pakistan where she advocated for trans-rights and inspired millions with her charismatic and bold personality to help others overcome their difficulties in life. She was also featured in the campaign called #ChangeTheClap which was initiated by Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) in partnership with with BBDO Pakistan.

Moreover, she recently did an empowerment shoot with Generation, a leading clothing brand, which focused on women who rose above dogmatic views and took the challenges head-on to pursue their passion.

Irha future plan is to study abroad and return back to Pakistan to implement all that she learned and bring a positive change in the trans-community.

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