Sometimes it feels good to work 60-hours-a-week making birds. Sometimes there’s an easier way.

Jason Steady is a cool, Omaha-born guy who has a house and a yard, plays guitar and rides a motorcycle when it’s nice out. Whether he’s planning an 18-day musical tour or building a 9-foot origami crane out of wood, he believes he has a step-by-step, how-to-approach that can solve every single problem in the world. Steady wisdom is a click away. Prepare to be enlightened.

About the speaker

Jason Steady likes to make things, especially with or for other people. Sometimes it’s somebody who needs a maker that can listen to their idea and make it a real thing. Sometimes it’s some musical friends of his who want to make records together and travel the country in a van. Sometimes it’s just him, trying to be funny and make people laugh. Sometimes it’s everything.

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“People are confronted with problems all day long, every day. Or at least I am. Most of the time a problem you’re trying to solve has already been solved by someone else. And when somebody solves a problem, they’re typically very excited to talk about how they solved that problem and share that information. And if you’re excited to listed to them, and you’re not too far up your own butt, chances are they probably have made your life easier by solving that problem for you first. So just listen to them.” — Jason Steady

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