Jeff Lee exposes people and brands who were brave enough to face their flaws and turn them into assets and anthems.

It’s hard to be brave. Because bravery requires you to be honest with yourself. It requires you to look inside your heart and find a genuine reason to fight.

It cannot be money. It has to be something bigger. Something you truly believe in.

When you find it, everything changes. A flaw can turn into an asset. Fear becomes a motive and comfort becomes the enemy.

Bravery, from bonfire to fireworks, on

Camera: Maxime Riverin, Daravong Thongsavath, Alexis Bourassa, Jean-François Desrosiers

Editing: Maxime Riverin, Alexis Bourassa

About the speaker

Jeff Lee is CMO & co-founder at

Former television host and producer, Jeff Lee has always naively juggled with marketing and content creation. Some may know him from his earlier project, a video content platform that mixes viral videos and branded content. He was then recruited by SID LEE where he worked for 3 years as a copywriter on brands including Vidéotron, Tourisme Montréal and Van Houtte. He’s currently busy working with a team of developers to build, a reading application that links e-books with rich media content from the web through contextual search. He’s also helping small brands and companies to get their name out there using low-cost content strategies and social media.

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