Jimmy Westerheim wants us to reflect on what we have learned from our toughest challenges.

What happens when you lose your entire identity and ability to walk normally at the age of 27? Jimmy had not stopped to reflect on what he wanted or what he was really good at before he was forced to. He shattered a vertebrae and lost his ability to do sports and be his active self, working at the biggest international shipping company in Singapore. 18 months after the accident he was on a plane to Afghanistan for his first mission on Doctors Without Borders. Two years later he created the world’s first life experience library. In this morning talk, Jimmy Westerheim will share his unique life story to teach us what we can learn from the things we have lost and how creativity can bloom from our toughest challenges.

About the speaker

Jimmy Westerheim is a mentor, coach, keynote speaker and founder of The Human Aspect - the world’s first digital life experience library. He has interviewed people from all over the world that shared how they have overcome their life’s toughest challenge. Jimmy has stood at the forefront of expressing how to use ones past as a tool for self-development. He is passionate about people and the human mind and has inspired audiences from TedX Lisbon, Oslo Innovation Week, UN Theme Week and Global Mobility Forum. Jimmy is regularly part of expert panels within mental health, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

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