I found myself by stumbling through life getting lost.  

Happenstance or happenchance, life leads you to wherever you wind up.  Planning, setting goals, being action-oriented and accountable all are factors… but so is chance, getting lost in the journey and finding yourself.

About the speaker

Joe is a born and bred Calgarian who gets lost perpetually. He’s the Director of Marketing and Technology at Dissolve.com. He’s a marketing professional (but not an asshole) with technical experience in web development. He specializes in marketing automation, search engine optimization and web app development.

Previously, he was a co-founder to product and design agency Made By Uppercut. He was co-founder and CEO to award winning startup RCKTSHP, an online platform that connected students with projects to develop their work experience. He serves as a mentor to students and as an industry advisor at post-secondary marketing and technology programs.

Joe is a self-described karaoke extraordinaire and a cheap bourbon connoisseur.

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