Josiah Golson

Hosted at The Signal

part of a series on Lost

About the speaker

Josiah Golson (b. 1986, Tuscaloosa, AL) is an artist, lawyer, and writer from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is the founder of the 800 Collective, a diverse group of artists using art as a means of civic engagement and public discourse. Golson’s work comprises of creative workshops, public art projects, and community development throughout the United States. Golson is the author and illustrator of The Souls of Free Folk (Polyphemus Press, 2018), a genre-blending story inspired by the legacy of African American art and activism.

Additional details

Somehow, we’re already here—it’s the end of the CreativeMornings/Chattanooga year. Wild, right? We’re elated to host you for the last time in 2020; we’ll be at The Signal, where parking is aplenty, the vibes are excellent, and good mornings so often take place. Ride a bike, bring a friend, and send 2019 off into the sunset with the quality farewell it deserves!