Julianna Brandt

Hosted at Design Museum

part of a series on Lost

About the speaker

Julianna Brandt is a 25 years old activist and state poetry artist. You can call her intersectional feminist and equality warrior, if you want.

She works as a freelancer- trainer in Peace Education Institute and delivers trainings about equality in youth work settings. Her specialty is in tackling ableism and spreading knowledge about different abilities, and knowledge about lgbt+ minorities.

During summer 2018 she was working for Ljubljana Pride and doing intersectionality work of people who belong to lgbt+ minority and some other marginalised groups and by how that affect their life and how society treats them.

She was also training for two years about how to tackle hate speech in Europe.

Right now she studies at Youth Work and Youth Research master’s programme in University of Tampere. Her thesis is about how inclusive youth work settings are towards young people with different abilities.

Radio programme in Yle called Vammaiskultti (Disability Cult) is her newest invention. In the programme she speaks with her friends and guests about how it is to live life with different abilities, but not seeing that its all there is. Episode themes go from art to sex and to dating.

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