Millsuthando shares her journey. Growing through self-love to a place where she can love others.

About the speaker

Milisuthando Bongela is an award-winning writer and blogger and the Arts Editor of the Mail and Guardian. Her writing focuses on issues of race, gender, and class in post-Apartheid South Africa. She is the founding member of The Feminist Stokvel, a women’s collective in Johannesburg that addresses gender disparities in South Africa through content and community-based activations. She is currently writing and directing her first documentary about Hair, Black Identity and South Africa’s unravelling “rainbow”.

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There's a larger system that you must learn to address rather than just people and that, I think, is a level of maturity that is very important to reach in learning how to live in the world. — Milisuthando Bongela

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    If you still keep thinking in terms like black or white i won't listen to you. There is no black or white in my world and i live very good with that but you keep on separating people. I liked your podcast until you counted out that little important thing. Grow up and rethink what you said!

    Thomas Buchstab