In October 2016, Morven spoke about experiencing the real meaning of transparency and why that has ultimately led her to choose a moniker that opposes it.

We are a species that flourishes when we’re seen, when our work matters, and when we connect with and understand one another. What makes all of this possible is the posture of transparency—the willingness to be seen, knowing that transparency may not always be reciprocated or appreciated.

A boss sharing her vision with the team, looking your friend in the eye and telling the truth, or owning your mistakes—none of this is possible without transparency. These experiences are refreshing, and they change us because we’re used to having our shields up all of the time.

Strange then that our speaker this month is someone who called her business Tradecraft because the word represents going undercover, being covert and not being seen. The basis of Morven McAuley’s decision to use this word to describe the work she does, comes from a feeling that the only way to really grow a brand was ensure it was the brand that was in the spotlight.

About the speaker

Tradecraft is designed predominantly to nurture the boutique wine industry. Having come from winemaker parents - who became winemakers in their late 50’s after ditching their day jobs and planting all their savings in the ground - Morven has always had a natural inclination towards handcrafted wine (and risk taking). Her career path, though, has been winding and unpredictable. From training as a Goldsmith and Diamond Grader, to marketing NZ wines and water on a global stage, one common theme has emerged: transparency and clarity is vital when measuring quality.

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