Angkie Yudistia & Fendo Parama Sardi

Hosted at Ruang Komunal Indonesia from Facebook

part of a series on Inclusive

About the speaker

Angkie Yudistia has a master degree in Marketing Communication from the London School of Public Relations Jakarta. After 4 years pursuing a corporate career, she identified a gap in the Indonesian market and decided to fight for a bigger (and her own) cause: empowering people with disabilities. In 2011, Angkie founded Thisable Enterprise, a Human Resources company focused on the employment of people with disabilities. She is a winner on ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year’ in the category Community Development, by Ernst & Young 2014.

Fendo Parama Sardi is the Manager of Yayasan Cheshire Indonesia, a social NGO foundation established by Leonard Cheshire in 1974. He works together with the @wismacheshire Board of Committee to organize vocational training programs for people with disabilities among other services provided to the communities. The foundation also has a disability campaign program called “Young Voices Indonesia” with 70 members, consisting of youths from 14 to 24yo. with varying disabilities.

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