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About the speaker

From his start as producer for a theatre group called “Teater Torstensson” where his PR savviness generated buzz and popularity, to his musical forte as co-founder of record company, Canary Records, Arvid Laban Falk has a SPECTRUM of experience in the creative world.

However, it is his work establishing the reputation of some of our favorite local spaces and experiences that make him stand out as speaker for this month’s theme. In 2013, Arvid opened Boulebar in Malmö, then took its successful model and popularity to other cities; then in 2015 he project managed The Conference, a mega conference that placed Malmö on the map of innovation; and most recently, Arvid was a part of the total rebranding and opening of MJ’s Hotel as we know it today.

It’s safe to say Arvid is able to build enthusiasm around a project, space or idea. He is unafraid to explore and take on creative risks. He is inclusive and attuned to the diverse interests of people, all of which have helped to make him a credible source for this city’s latest happening. 

For our event on Wednesday, we will jump into discussing with Arvid how the creatives in this city can take on calculated risks in order to make their creative plans come to life. Whether it’s a conference, a gallery space, etc – in an interview format, we’ll ask Arvid what he’s learned about taking chances and how to identify your next best opportunity.