Join Yuki Fukuda and Florian Yeh’s trip to Japan.

They travel from modern Tokyo, holy Mount Fuji, traditional Kyoto down to culinary Fukuoka. Yuki takes Florian to her homeland where she introduces him her family and friends while Florian is overwhelmed by the impressions of the country he visited for his first time. Besides the language barrier and unique culture of Japan Florian tries to capture these moments photographically.

About the speaker

Yuki Fukuda is a UX designer based in Cologne. Yuki worked as a freelance designer in several advertising and digital agencies during and after her study at the Köln International School of Design (KISD). Since 2017, she works at factor-a part of DEPT as a UX designer on a data-driven B2B software. Her open-minded and empathic way of thinking helps to understand the different perspectives of the users. Yuki believes that this important competence for designers she owes her personal background: She was born in Tokyo, moved to Germany when she was 9 years old and grew up in two different languages and cultures.

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