About the speaker

Rein Zobel is a creative virtual reality expert and has been involved with the VR field since 2013. He is also a film director and worked in commercial video production for 6 years. In 2016 he co-founded VR content creation company Maru VR Productions, which is the most productive VR company in Estonia, having completed more than 20 VR projects.

Rein is also an alumni of the European Creators’ Lab, which is an international community of artists operating with new technologies. Rein is also the host of Estonia’s most popular video game podcast “Puhata ja mängida” and a visiting lecturer in a VR lecture series at Tallinn University.

During our talk we will discuss how VR can change our lives for the better. But in order to reach that future, we need to imagine a completely new way of thinking. Let’s discuss it on our morning talk!

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