“Muscat chapter Saleh Alkhanjari talk about Nature”

May’s Theme is Nature. What can nature teach us about living with strength, vulnerability, and grace during these challenging times? In the book Emergent Strategy. by Adrienne Maree Brown, Naima Penniman reflects on the decentralized strength of oak trees: “Amidst the whipping winds and surging water, the oak tree held its ground. How? Instead of digging its roots deep and solitary into the earth, the oak tree grows its roots wide and interlocks with other oak trees in the surrounding area.” It’s natural to be feeling alone and scared when storms come our way. But nature, in all its forms and stages, shows us time and time again that resilience comes from adapting, collaborating, and leaning on the support systems around us. By moving away from the idea that we need to be strong on our own, we open up possibilities in our lives and build our collective resilience. Whether it’s in person or from afar, find the networks you can interlock with and ground yourself in them. Lean on those branches of support and hold on tight. Surviving and thriving in hard times requires us to bind together even while apart. Our Salt Lake City chapter chose this month’s exploration of Nature, David Habben illustrated the theme, and it’s presented globally by WordPress.com. Attend with us to meet our talented speaker Saleh Abdullah Alkhanjari who will explore this month’s CreativeMornings global theme #Nature.

About the speaker

“ A Mechanical Engineer and an Explorer. Worked in the oil industry for a few years then decided to follow my passion for exploring the world for three years, to seek knowledge and wisdom from all over the world. I learned and volunteered in various fields. Even from nature, who adapted me to get closer to her and offered me the secret to heal our souls”

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