Sani Danielle Pihl

Hosted at EspressoHuset

part of a series on Ethics

About the speaker

Sani is the VC of DANSIC - Danish Social Innovation Club. DANSIC is a platform for everyone interested in social innovation. It’s a student-driven non-profit organization founded in 2011. DANSIC is runned by approximately 50 ambitious students who believe in making a difference. They believe that social innovation is the key to find new and better solutions to the most problematic challenges in society today. Every year DANSIC hosts the largest conference about social innovation i Denmark with more than 300 participants.

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Additional details

This talk on ‘ethics’ will be a personal story about Sani Danielle Pihls journey from a student of communications interested in the business world in its most traditional sense, to a person who wants to bring ethics and social innovation to the world of business.

Sani will emphasize ways that ethics, social innovation and business can complement each other. Also it will point out the role that DANSIC (Danish Social Innovation Club) has played in her aspirations.

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