Sarah Brahim & Brett Stenson

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part of a series on Nature

About the speaker

Sarah Brahim is a movement artist passionate about creating meaningful work with artists of varying mediums. She grew up studying, choreographing, performing, and teaching jazz, ballet, and tap in Portland, Oregon. Studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance and in 2016 she graduated from London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS) and holds a BA Honors degree in Contemporary Dance. At LCDS she further explored the depth and resonance of movement, discovering her passion for improvisation, collaboration, choreographing, and healing through movement. Since graduating she has worked professionally performing, choreographing, and directing movement. You can connect with Sarah and see more of her work on Instagram.

Brett Stenson is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer living in Portland Oregon, working as an illustrator and art director at Jolby. Even while being heavily influenced by our current zeitgeist, his work is inspired by the primordial rhythm of our existence on the outer edges of the natural world looking in. Brett’s work embraces the continual evolution of focuses and different media to communicate through new visual languages.

Additional details

Let us bring “nature” to you

Our Speakers

Together we’ll explore the intersections of nature and our communities, our bodies, and our creativity by:

    1. 1. Learning about the Equitable Giving Circle with Director AJ McCreary
    1. 2. Taking a virtual visit to the fields to meet alpaca and llama friends of Rojo the Llama
    1. 3. Moving our bodies with artist and choreographer Sarah Brahim
    1. 4. Exploring art in nature—found, created, and observed—with artist and illustrator Brett Stenson

How to join

This event will be hosted virtually on Zoom and is open to anyone. The link will be emailed out to registered attendees before the event.

We’ll open our digital doors at 8:15am and start right on time at 8:30am PDT so don’t be late!


To request an ASL/English interpreter or anything else that would make this event more accessible for you, please email