Sarah Gallimore on Justice

Hosted at Eastern Market

part of a series on Justice

About the speaker

A lateral thinker, avid traveler, proud military spouse and Design Strategist with nearly a decade’s worth of work in helping people frame problems and uncover solutions that inspire action – Sarah is a lover of climbing big rocks, walking meetings and the 3 P’s (people, planet and profit). Too many bad decisions happen while sitting behind a computer so she tries to put herself “outside” – amidst the issues she’s tackling – whenever possible. Originally from the Metro Detroit area, Sarah is now living in West Village with her husband Nate, Blue-dog and a new little on the way!

Over the past 10 years, she has had a dynamic career as a design strategist, product manager, UX/UI designer, business consultant, communications manager and visual designer for local, national and multinational companies. Her interests these days focus on the great outdoors, urban recreation, civic engagement, tactical urbanism, and women’s issues. She is the founder of MOR & Co. and Sunrise Club Detroit.

Sarah works for people - not for design/tech/brands/etc - for the person on the other side of what we create. She thrives at the intersection of community, design and business strategy - helping businesses figure out what to make/do next, why it’s important to people and how to communicate that. She has a knack for digesting complex challenges with fresh eyes and is unafraid of getting her hands dirty and knees scraped in the name of exploration. Sarah loves digging between the lines for elusive-yet-meaningful patterns and is an avid planner and natural strategist in both the workplace and her life outside of it – constantly working towards definitions of ideal futures that can become “north stars” for aligning efforts.

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Additional details

Happy August, CM family! So many good things happening this month. First off, we’re thrilled to welcome back a good friend of CM Detroit to be our speaker this month. Sarah Gallimore was one of our volunteers, so we’re super happy to bring her back on stage as a speaker for our theme of Justice. Sarah will be talking about research justice and the work she has done increasing opportunities for returning citizens. We’re also extremely lucky to be at a new venue this month. We’ll be at Eastern Market inside Shed 5 at the Kid Rock Kitchen Commons. We hope you have all had a wonderful summer and that we get to see your faces before you kick off a long holiday weekend. See you soon!