Play is not just for children and musicians—it’s a key component of creativity!

Musician and writer Shaun Huberts tackles the theme of play by engaging the audience in a live video experiment. He examines the definition of play and questions why it is something adults avoid and view as juvenile. Looking at the various forms play can take, Huberts reveals the role and value of play and a key underlying aspect of creative collaboration. He also argues that we must learn to embed failure into play as it leads to breakthrough, success and ultimately joy. Huberts encourages all of us to play and release our creativity to the world through play and let others respond and be inspired by it.

About the speaker

Shaun Huberts graduated from the Los Angeles Music Academy in early 2002 and has since defined himself in the artistic community as a musician, visual artist, author, spatial reasoning specialist and self-proclaimed nerd.

Shaun has been living out of his suitcase and touring all over the world for the past 10 years with a number of bands, most notably, the Indie Pop Rock duo, Tegan and Sara. He has lived and recorded from LA to Nashville, Vancouver to Montreal. He currently resides in North Vancouver with his wife and their Yorkshire terrier, Beckham.

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We all see things differently. Not everyone is going to love what we love and that's okay. Release your work to the world even if you don't feel it's done, even if you don't love it. — Shaun Huberts

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