Sheri Guyse

April 24, 8:30am - 10:00am CDT. Hosted at Zoom

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Sheri Guyse is the founder of Big Bravely, a start-up based in Oklahoma City inspired by the idea that what separates you from feeling like yourself again is living bravely.

Since 2015, she has coached, consulted and taught individuals and small groups how to bring more courage and connection to their lives — whether that’s at work or in their relationships, including their relationships with themselves.

Prior to becoming a life coach, Sheri spent nearly a decade in government, non-profits and restaurant public relations. A communications career gave her the foundation for understanding the stories we tell each other. A side-hustle life creating projects like Oklahoma City Midtown Rotary, a concert series called Sheri’s Living Room and a candy business called Hey You Guyse Toffee helped her realize that ideas can create community in the strangest places.

Sheri lives in Oklahoma City with one dog, two teens, three cats and many, many plant babies.