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Nature, in all its forms and stages, shows us time and time again that resilience comes from adapting, collaborating and leaning on the support systems around us – such an important message during this time of global uncertainty. Now, let’s talk about the potential benefits of truly engaging with nature. Julie Mckeone is certified in forest therapy or “forest bathing,” a researched-based framework that uses sensory immersions in forests and other natural environments to support healing and wellness. Even though it’s called forest therapy, these individual practices or invitations can be done anywhere – and Julie’s sharing four to get us started!

About the speaker

Julie McKeone is a certified yoga teacher and forest therapy guide at Fontenelle Forest. Her life’s work, including her time as a classroom teacher, has been to reconnect people of all ages with nature and to offer experiences that help to nurture the feelings of wonder and awe.

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During this time, you’re focusing on your senses to help you connect with your surroundings and be truly present in the present moment. So, here’s the thing, our culture is a ‘doing’ culture and an active culture, and nature therapy is a receiving practice. It’s not about a doing activity, it about receiving, receiving the healing benefits of nature. — Julie Mckeone

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