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Book List No. 1: Bravery

Here at CreativeMornings, we aim to meet, help, inspire. Through in-person events and talks posted online, our goal is to connect and propel creative communities around the world. It is no surprise that when Steve Kroeter of Designers & Books approached us to work on a project together, it seemed like a natural fit.

Drawing upon members of the international design community, Designers & Books publishes lists of books these people identify as important, meaningful, and formative—books that have shaped their values, their worldview, and their ideas about design. Pulling from the bookshelves of many past CreativeMornings speakers such as Debbie Millman, Erik Spiekermann, Michael Bierut, and Maira Kalman, Designers & Books currently has 162 contributors who have collectively chosen and shared 1,848 books.

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For each themed month, we will be collaborating with the editorial team at Designers & Books to compile a book list around our global themes. The lists will be part of the Designers & Books Community Book Lists series, allowing you to add your own contributions as well.

Kicking off our Book Lists will be 10 Books on Bravery.

From Designers & Books:

“From the internationally recognized artist Ai Weiwei we have writings that document his struggle as an individual against a central government that has relentlessly tried to quiet him (Ai Wewei’s Blog). Contrasted with that is the diary of a persecuted adolescent Jewish girl secreted in an Amsterdam annex (The Diary of a Young Girl).

The story of man’s confrontation with Nature and inner demons in Moby Dick has attracted the recommendation of eight Designers & Books contributors. And Harry Pearce (from Pentagram’s London office) recommends Gandhi’s autobiography as “one of the most sincere and inspiring books you’ll ever read.” The reason he feels this way is perhaps reflected in the book’s subtitle: The Story of My Experiments with Truth.”

You can view the entire book list here and add your own.

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