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Fun Stuff to Click On #28

Meet the Michelangelo of Excel.

How to control your emotions during a difficult conversation.

Rules for working in a studio.

A 4K film captures the immense beauty of lightning at 1,000FPS.

Seneca on the tranquility of the mind.

How to wield data and empathy to build inclusive teams.

The importance of having a breakdown.

No one wants to talk about style anymore—is that ok?

Patience pays off. Congratulations to MailChimp for being Inc’s Company of the Year.

What living on $100,000 a year looks like.

11 psychology books that will improve your work and life.

The AI guru behind Amazon and Uber explains what AI really is.

50 photos that illuminate the top stories and personalities of 2017.

9 common-sense rules for getting the most out of meetings.

Share work that you’re proud of for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.

Photo credit: Miller Taylor.

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