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Helena Price: Revelations

All photos taken by Reymundo Perez III. See the rest.

Kicking off the re-launch of our CreativeMornings/SanFrancisco chapter, Helena Price took the stage to speak on the month’s theme of Freedom. As an ex-technie, Helena unfolded her story and the path that took her from a pit of despair in the technology industry, working harder and yielding no results, and finally quitting her job to do what she loved.

You can watch her full talk above. We recapped a few of the highlights below.

1. You can’t rely on work to make you happy.

Upon moving to San Francisco, Helena landed in a sea of people who lived and breathed their day jobs. What you did and what you worked on was all that mattered. It wasn’t long until she thought that her job was meant to be everything, and success at that would equal happiness. When she found herself unhappy, she would just work harder, get better jobs, assuming that eventually that would equate to her own happiness. When that didn’t work, she started taking photos.

Work is still work. That’s why you get paid.

Even though Helena might be a poster child for Quit your job, Do what you love, she says, “No matter what your career, your work is still work.” It’s not perfect or painless and that’s okay. When photography pays the rent, not every project will be your dream project. You can’t solely work on client work to satisfy you creatively.

When you stop looking at your job to solve all of your problems, you’ll stop being disappointed.

In terms of your career, that means keep doing your very best work—then do other things. Excercise. Eat delicious food. Do creative projects. Take adventures on your days off.


2. Nobody is going to tell you how it’s done.

“One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was to stop waiting for advice,” Helena says in her CreativeMornings/SanFranicsco talk. No one actually know what they’re doing, and if you sit around waiting for that magical moment, it might never come.

Define what success meant to you.
Do everything you can to make it happen.

3. No one is preventing you from making the work you want.

Helena says, she often hears folks complaining that they’re not getting the jobs or doing the work that they want to be doing.

You can make work on your own.

“If you truly want something, you are 100% capable of doing it on your own,” Helena tell the audience. Set that time aside for you to do so.

And, at the end of the day, Helena has three main rules:

  • Just keep making.
  • Stay grateful, stay focused.
  • Make the most of it.

gi_OWUhqzffgeBnd-Hr8keFr7Iu8eCMIBai2_b34E54 Print from Helena’s CreativeMornings/SanFrancisco talk by Justin Pervose, sponsored by MailChimp.

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